Marketing Tech & Monetized Frolicking.
Austin is a marketing technology consultant, dog dad, water skiing fanatic, drone pilot, small business owner, notary, and Virginian.

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The things I hate (and you should know) about Apple Universal Links

The original post on all the things I hate, and that you should know, about Apple Universal Links - circa 2016.


Scaling Your Martech Tools With Roles and Permissions

It's really hard to scale modern martech tools to hundreds of users in a safe way. But I have developed some best practices and custom code that might help. If you're struggling to manage control of your tools, this one's for you.


Satisficing & using Tools to Help You Execute

In consulting, satisficing is the name of the game. Perfectionists do not exist in consulting, there is simply too much to do on too short of a timeline.


Building a Stock Tank Pool for a few Hundred Bucks

I built a stock tank pool in our yard last summer. There's still not a lot of literature on how to do it, so I put together a playbook and guide on building it yourself, along with a clear project plan that will help you DIY.


Entrepreneurs, Becoming Entrepreneurial, and Resources to Get You Started

I am not an entrepreneur. And most people aren't either.